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The Digital Line (TDL) has been involved in many health initiatives in the care sector and following on from our Digital Hub programs, we are now looking to create “Show Me” spaces within care homes, with the first two launched this week.

Feedback from one of these, The Royal Garden Hotel (RGH), which has around 40 residents has already been very positive. Says RGH Director, Julian Lindsell, “We’ve already been working with The Digital Line using a number of their programs, including voice-activated systems and they have been hugely popular with residents. During this current challenge with Coronavirus, which puts many of our residents in the high-risk category and therefore unable to have any outside visitors, anything we can do to connect them with their loved ones in a safe way is a priority for us. Initiating video calling, from something like an Echo Show device, that doesn’t require you to touch it and instead control everything with your voice, means that our residents can stay connected.

“Only yesterday a family member of one of our residents using the system we so overwhelmed by the difference it made being able to speak to  – and see – her mother.” 

For TDL, using Amazon’s Echo Show devices, allows relatives to call members of their families currently in residential care, who they are unable to visit during the Covid-19 crisis. One of the clear advantages over using a tablet or laptop is the fact that all video calls can be conducted using only your voice, meaning there is no need to touch a device at any stage of the experience.

This is all part of our bigger plan to deliver solutions using recognised and trusted technology providers, through systems that are already familiar to the general public, meaning training requirements are minimal.

Building on the good work The Digital Line (TDL) has already been doing in the healthcare sector, we would like to offer on a first come first served basis, 10 Amazon Echo Show devices Free of Charge, pre-configured to allow care homes the opportunity to enable video calling for their residents. With visitation suspended for some of the most vulnerable people in our society, we want to enable loved ones to connect with their relatives in care.

If your care home is interested in receiving an Echo Show device from TDL then please send us an email to with your contact details and we will get the process underway.

Please note that this is a limited-time opportunity and once the free stock has been exhausted, further equipment will be available but at a price to be advised, including setup and delivery. Limit of supply of one free device per care home and a working WIFI connection (not included) is required for the system to function.


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