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The Digital Line (TDL) research and technical innovation consultancy have been featured in the August Mondo Stadia International Publication For Technology In Sporting Venues: The Digital Line From Connected Venues to Smart Cities to Air Smart.  

The recent pandemic has brought devastating changes to our global society and moved the world onto a completely new trajectory. Businesses have closed, many will never reopen; traditional retail, already a casualty of a consumer shift towards internet shopping, has been dealt another devastating blow, whilst the travel sector has been brought to its knees with airline fleets across the globe grounded, public transport numbers significantly reduced and international borders closed. No industry has been left unscathed with the sports and hospitality sectors arguably affected more than any other.

Football is performing to empty stadiums, delivering the fundamentals of the game without the impact of audiences to provide the atmosphere, whilst horse racing has been brought to our screens from behind closed doors, losing much of its magic through the absence of crowds. Basketball and cricket are also beginning to reappear, but whatever the sport, it is now played out against a backdrop of uncertainty and the reality that the world we knew is unlikely to ever return.

At some point in the future, venues will welcome customers and fans back to the fold, but hygiene and safety are now recognised as being of even greater importance. Stadiums have already been transforming themselves into more multi-purpose destinations, evolving smart city concepts and learning from other sectors to deliver on the demands of the new digitally driven customer.

Stadiums and arenas across the world are being rightly forced to rethink their business models because of Covid-19 in terms of how to keep their visitors and staff safe. To guarantee safety, it’s not as simple as just wearing a mask, with sanitising and social distancing mandatory alongside a fresh, innovative approach.

One of the companies looking to take its multi-sector experience into the sporting arena is The Digital Line (TDL), a research and technical innovation consultancy who are leading the way with technology initiatives and have already made significant headway in residential healthcare as well as hospitality, retail and education.

For some time, TDL has been working to deliver new and innovative experiences across a number of platforms, working with technology and support from some of the world’s most recognised brands, including Amazon, Samsung, Looking Glass Media, Infinite Mixed Reality and halo-labs

Says TDL Commercial Director, Andy Coney, “TDL enjoys a unique position across a variety of sectors with several initiatives, including voice-activated assistants, virtual reality, augmented reality and cognitive assessment applications all part of our program of works. We realised early on that putting the customer needs at the heart of your business means understanding the customer in all of the natural spaces they inhabit.

“A key example I always cite is the change of spending behaviour over the last decade that has seen the dependency on cash slowly eroded by a move towards card and mobile. As businesses everywhere seek to reduce the number of touchpoints and limit transmission opportunities, new ideas such as pre-order and click and collect have gained even greater traction. A good idea remains a good idea under any circumstances but in difficult times such as these, it can become a defining one.

“As a company, we are continually searching for forward-thinking tech and how it can be useful to our community,” Andy continues.

“One such innovative technology we have been working with as a consequence of the Coronavirus is the Airdri Air Purification systems. We are pleased to have aligned The Digital Line with Airdri, leaders in the design and manufacture of washroom equipment because they appeared to be the right product at this time of crisis to help us in the battle to sanitise the spaces, we all inhabit on a regular basis.”

To read the complete article visit pages 78/79/80 at Mondo Stadia here


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