audico Voice Activated Hospitality at Apartments at No 16

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audico Voice Activated Hospitality at Apartments at No 16 – Say “Hello” to audico, a voice-activated, hospitality ordering system that runs on Amazon’s Alexa for Smart Properties.

The Digital Line is thrilled to be supporting Apartments at No 16 in Hampton, London, with a new suite of voice-activated services running on Amazon Alexa Show devices and using the specially developed audico concierge system.

Utilising all the existing features within the audico Hospitality suite, customers can use Alexa to order room service, speak to the front desk, find local historical sights and community activities to settle their bills, and check out from their rooms.

Built-in 1726, The Jolly Coopers Pub is rapidly heading towards its 300th birthday. Owner Nick was once the youngest landlord in the country, taking on the pub in 1986 when he was just twenty.

Nick and his wife Jane feel that over the years of their tenure, they have secured the future of the pub by adding a restaurant and place to stay, thus returning it to its original purpose as a coaching inn.

“The property may be 300 years old, but the community isn’t”. confirms Jane. We are not part of a chain and are rooted and grounded in serving the community. Along with the new accommodation at Apartment at No 16 the audico concierge system has added a technological upgrade, assisting not only the customers’ independence but helping the staff manage both room requests and the bar and restaurant services downstairs.

audico Voice Activated Hospitality at Apartments at No 16

“Amongst many advantages, audico has been particularly useful for guests not knowing the area, a recent wedding party utilised the system to find local places to visit whilst staying at the Apartments,” says Nick. “We are in touching distance of the Thames, Bushy Park Hampton Court, Kingston, with great transport links to London, and the country. Sandown Park and Kempton Racecourses, Twickenham Rugby Stadium, Kew Gardens, and the Royal Parks to mention a bare few places”.

The audico system allows a business to push live or scheduled messages through to one device, selected devices, or all devices at specific times.

Unlike the consumer platform, this version of Alexa does not record any conversations and all users remain completely anonymous.

How does it work?

  • A request is made via an Alexa device.
  • The system instantly logs the request.
  • Users are notified through the dashboard.
  • The dashboard can be run from specific locations.
  • Staff fulfil requests using table devices.
  • The dashboard offers real-time reporting and data feed.

The Benefits

  • Providing greater personalisation to the needs of customers.
  • Improve customer engagement with familiar technology.
  • Real-time insights into customer requests.
  • Opportunity to drive greater operational efficiency.
  • Integration to payment, allowing customers to pay for the service APIs to integrate audico to POS & KMS.
  • Push notifications.
  • Larger menu of request types.
  • Connectivity status
  • Announcements
  • A multi-purpose platform for hotels, venues, and business

“When you own a listed building, you are duty bound to preserve it and look after it, you also must adapt it to the modern world and comply with all the requirements to make it both fit for public habitation and environmentally friendly”, confirms Nick. “audico has been a valid addition to the apartments and been embraced by customers and staff alike”.

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