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Emotive Eye App – Running in conjunction with a series of exciting new programs aimed at the elderly, both in residential and assisted living homes The Digital Line (TDL) introduces the Emotive Eye App to help support self-management of mental health and well-being allowing us to measure the mood of the nation. The program was specifically created for dementia sufferers, connecting them through the medium of emojis.

Humans are social animals. Isolation from loved ones especially and other people, in general, can have a rapid, deleterious effect on the mental health of an individual. What we are looking to do is supplement the activities of the elderly with digital experiences that enhance their lives and emphasise that none of our technology is aimed at replacing conventional care because human interaction is vitally important.

TDL has a suite of simple mobile apps/ games which can be used by isolated individuals – and institutions caring for vulnerable groups – to improve their state of mind and provide a measurement of mental states across time and location allowing us to determine trends and reactions.

Emotive Eye

The Emotive Eye App is designed to capture a snapshot of a person’s mood at a particular time. It can be used to measure changes in people’s mood and provide an early warning system for caregivers to identify deteriorating mental health in individuals and across institutions.

By tapping either the happy face or the sad face, users can simply and easily directly express how they are feeling.

TDL has trialled Emotive Eye in a small number of care homes prior to the current COVID-19 outbreak and would need some small adaptation to optimise them for the current situation but could be ready for mass deployment in a short timescale.

Following the positive feedback, TDL is now looking to bring the program into the second phase of its evolution by using tablets and AI to improve the way carers and relatives communicate with dementia patients as well as a unique deployment of the solution across voice-activated devices such as Amazon’s Alexa platform.


About the App

Emotive Eye is a simple app designed to capture a snapshot of users’ emotional condition at any particular time.

By tapping either the happy face or the sad face, users can simply and easily directly express how they are feeling.

Each time the app is tapped, a simple data set is collected:

Unique User ID



This data can be personalised, or aggregated, segmented, interrogated and presented in a portal so that Care Home managers and mental health professionals (or relatives) can assess mental wellbeing in a particular location, by region and/or overtime.

They can identify changes in mood in reaction to events occurring in the wider world, or more local or personal happenings, and address specific changes in mood in a certain location or amongst certain individuals.

Each of these solutions is delivered as a mobile app, available on the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store.

All interactions in the games can be stored and analysed to measure changes in behaviour over time and in reaction to specific external incidents.

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Emotive Eye


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