A Window of Creativity with Samsung Flip 2

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A Window of Creativity with Samsung Flip 2 – The Digital Line (TDL) has collaborated with Samsung on an exciting project to help enhance the lives of residents and carers in care homes, through a series of initiatives that fulfil the creative and artistic pursuits of users and staff.

The Samsung flip 2 offers a writing experience just like a pen to paper but on a larger scale. It provides smooth, fast writing in a variety of colours, styles and widths. Additionally, you can create art at the stroke of a brush with water and an oil painting mode. Moreover, a multi-writing functionality is available to support up to four different participants allowing seamless group activities.

Said TDL Commercial Director, Andy Coney, The screen can be utilised for lone use, which we have found particularly stimulating for residents in care homes who are confined to bed. The screen has a convenient mobile stand which can also be moved from room to room and is large enough to be parked next to the bed where residents have been able to utilise the functions of the screen”.

A Window of Creativity with Samsung Flip 2

Salvadore Firtascu Manager at The Norwood Green Care Home in Southall, one of the homes engaged in the “Flip Art” collaboration with TDL and Samsung was equally enthusiastic.

“I have been inspired by both staff and residents using the Samsung Flip 2 screen. We have witnessed some wonderful works of art being created in front of our eyes.

 “I was unaware we had so many gifted residents, who have embraced the opportunity to draw on a large scale”.

For group presentations and activities, the display supports any web browser, embedded versatile templates as well as a document viewer compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and PDF formats. Samsung Workspace allows for any display to support cloud service access, control of a PC with no physical connection needed and Bluetooth device connectivity. This has allowed the care homes to use the screen for group entertainment activities.

A Window of Creativity with Samsung Flip 2

“We have been working on a number of technology programs with The Digital Line (TDL) over the past few years,” comments Julian Lindsell, owner of the Royal Garden Hotel Residential Care Home near Bognor Regis.

“Each project unique and as inspiring as the last. The Samsung Flip project has certainly created some excitement with our residents, opening some new and exciting doorways for the carers and residents.”

Due to the success and positive feedback of the project The Digital Line (TDL) is taking this concept one step further and moving into the education and special needs sector.

If you would like more information visit the TDL website here or contact us at

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