Care Home Partners on UK’s First Digital Hub

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Care Home Partners on UK’s First Digital Hub – The UK’s first Digital Hub is due to launch this summer at the Royal Garden Hotel care home in conjunction with The Digital Line (TDL).

The Royal Garden Hotel

The Digital Line (TDL) Health in partnership with The Royal Garden Hotel care home is very excited to announce the forthcoming launch of the UK’s first dedicated Digital Hub. As part of a unique menu of services, TDL Health will offer a suite of digitally-driven resident activities, which will include voice-activated assistants, virtual reality, augmented reality, the sensory experience, Stimul8 as well as a host of A/V driven programs.

TDL Director George R Vaughan said: “We believe the modern resident expects and deserves more from technology and our Digital Menu offers care homes the chance to redefine activities for the elderly in the 21st Century.

“Whether it’s using voice-activated devices such as Amazon’s Alexa to switch off the lights, play music, or taking a trip through the medium of VR to experience another country or culture, we want to provide these services to a generation we feel has been poorly served by technology.

“We are also mindful that this isn’t a case of removing the human element from care. Many of these activities are social and collaborative. For instance, the Audio Book Club is an opportunity for residents to meet regularly and listen to a story before engaging in a discussion about the subject matter at the end of each session.

“Equally, with the Stimul8 program, we are reimagining the activity space by creating eight unique environments using light, video, audio, scent, taste, and touch to transport groups of residents to new and exciting places, without them ever leaving their seats.

“Our vision is to create a network of Digital Hubs that can provide residents and care homes an exciting new space to interact and learn from.”

Julian Lindsell

Whilst this may seem ambitious, TDL has been actively testing and deploying these solutions over the last 2 years and is one of the leading organisations in this field.

Royal Garden Hotel director, Julian Lindsell was enthusiastic about the partnership and keen to highlight the opportunities it would bring to his residents:

“When I first heard about what TDL was doing with digital technology, I was excited to explore how we could use it in our care home. On further talking with them, I immediately saw the potential benefits for my residents and was very pleased to partner with them”

“We are a family-run care home and we have always placed our residents at the forefront of whatever we do. To that end, moving forward with supporting their daily needs with new technology has always been an exciting prospect”

 The Royal Garden Hotel

Located in Aldwick, to the west of Bognor Regis, the Royal Garden Hotel stands on the corner of Princess Avenue and King’s Parade with access through the gardens to the sea 150 yards away.

The hotel is modern and designed specifically for its purpose by Colin Lindsell and still run by the family, offering high standards of comfort and convenience for its residents.

The hotel is situated on four floors, all served by lifts and stairs. The main sitting room is located on the top floor giving superb views over the Marine Park Gardens to the promenade and sea.

The hotel has its own gardens with paved walks between raised beds, these are planted with a variety of flowers and aromatic herbs.

The Royal Garden is registered with the Care Quality Commission as a Residential Care Home for 36 people.

For more information on the Royal Garden Hotel please visit their website here.

The Digital Line

The Digital Line (TDL) is a technology consultancy and publication that works across multiple sectors including health, sports, retail, entertainment, and education.

As experts in delivering digital services through publishing, networking, and consultancy, they initiate unique, exciting projects and leverage their partnerships to bring the very best in innovative thinking to life.

As part of these initiatives, TDL’s health division has created several unique programs in the care sector to reimagine the activity space for the elderly, already winning acclaim for their success with the voice-activated program, Project Alexa, dementia program, Emotive Eye, and the new sensory experience, Stimul8.

Through research, observation, innovation, and experienced delivery, TDL has placed itself at the forefront of technology solutions, working with innovative brands including Amazon, Samsung, Bose, and Scribit, and software partners such as Looking Glass and Halo, to completely reinvent what activities mean for the elderly.

From idea to implementation, TDL has the proven expertise to make every concept a reality.


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