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Businesses today are operating in a period of technological innovation and constant change. Technology advances drive higher expectations for usability, speed and mobility. Workforce software is no exception. Time & Attendance solutions have progressed beyond the manual process and are now required not just to automate data collections and track hours but also be intuitive, personalised and mobile, ensuring they remain available anytime and in any place.

We spoke with Yuval Gonen, CEO of Synel Industries UK, to get a little more detail about the key benefits that automation of Time and Attendance can bring to a working environment.

“Perhaps one of the primary concerns for many companies who have traditionally worked with a manual process is going to be the cost. Cost is a critical factor in any Time & Attendance system purchase decision. However, it remains important to look beyond these initial costs and consider the value derived from integrated Workforce Management Processes. When processes like time management are optimised they take less time to manage, adding up to important cost savings. Therefore, businesses can achieve better planning, reduction of unplanned overtime and hiring of replacement workers.”

So, whilst the initial outlay might seem a frightening prospect to consider, the ROI is easily demonstrated. And in this quickly evolving world, to ignore technology is a huge error.

“A highly configurable workforce management system can help an organisation update their own work and pay rules – quickly and efficiently – across time and attendance, scheduling and absence management. This can enable them to keep up with changing regulations and corporate policies without the expense of relying on third-party technical suppliers.”

And is there any preference to on-premise against cloud-hosted servers?

“Compared to on-premises systems, cloud-hosted solutions enable businesses to protect sensitive data and provide continuous access to applications through advanced authentication and encryption. Cloud solutions such as Synel’s Time & Attendance provide high reliability as they are hosted in data centres located within the European Union. All the data centres contain thousands of servers in secure environments with redundant architectures and access to data centres is strictly monitored.

“Innovative Workforce Management Technology not only supports the above important issues for businesses but also address Key Challenges related to compliance, employee engagement and optimised performance.”

Of course, one of the real benefits is the ability to minimise the need to check time sheets and schedule employees manually.

“Checking people in manually opens up the significant possibility of error. By moving to an automated process, it can then reduce the number and frequency of human errors, while establishing an easy and secure way to address specific needs without complications.

“What many people may forget is that a manual process system can be abused, and inaccurate hours documented by employees can result in time theft. Electronic data can be collected by employees’ clocking in or out over a secure web browser, from an electronic or biometric time clock, or through a mobile device. The data collected is then transferred to the time and attendance system in real time.

The data collected and available through the system can help ensure you comply with labour regulations regarding proof of attendance. Being able to quickly obtain accurate records of employee hours worked and leave taken is more essential today than ever before. Time and attendance management is one of the most important aspects of recordkeeping compliance.

“Automated time registration and collecting reduces the need for manual re-entry. The result is accurate payroll processing and significant efficiency improvement. Reducing the time it takes to run payroll while also increasing the data accuracy by automating the transfer of timekeeping information can lead to increases in both productivity and cost savings.”

In the office systems like Synel’s Time & Attendance Solution, can eliminate a great deal of administrative work as it allows full job costing analysis by project/ cost centre/ customer. The expenses module can provide reporting and monthly expenses including scanning receipts and updating of a monthly expenses report.

“Synel’s Workforce Management Solution enables a company’s employees to access & review their own attendance & holiday balance and even request leave on their smartphone or device. Our system offers a sense of shared control between the employer and employee and makes for a better relationship that can positively affect a company’s culture and contribute to higher levels of employee engagement.

“T & A systems like Synel Time & Attendance reduce errors and improve efficiency. They assist in ensuring compliance with working regulations regarding proof of attendance, wage and hour regulations. Other advantages are the greater insight into labour costs, control over overtime expenses, increased productivity for the HR department, accurate employee timekeeping and elimination of time theft. Installing an automated time and attendance software solution proves out a positive investment for most organizations, because it will deliver many benefits at comparatively low cost.”

Synel is dedicated for the last 25 years to supporting companies by developing solutions that create efficiencies and significant savings that play an important role in the company’s growth. Synel’s workforce management solutions are used and trusted by the biggest brands in the UK.

If you would like to learn more about Synel and their innovative T&A system then visit their site here.


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