Is VR the perfect health and wellbeing tool?

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Virtual Reality is one of the many tools which enables users to completely focus and zone into their surroundings, it fully immerses the mind and the body.

Mobile Virtual Reality is cheap and easily accessible, and becoming more and more popular. Last year Samsung sold 2 million of the Gear VR headsets in the UK alone.

Its these qualities which make Virtual Reality perfect for health and wellness. More users than ever before have the opportunity to learn and develop new skills which will enable them to better take care of their health and wellbeing.

Virtual Reality is also surprisingly convenient. Users are able to view world class content from the comfort of their own home.

One company out to prove Virtual Reality is the perfect method for meditation is, Infinity House Retreat, The world’s first virtual retreat, developed by the multi award winning, virtual reality production house Infinite360.

Users are transported to different environments all over the world, and universe. Not only are they offering virtual mediation, they provide talks, seminars, and one to one experience on all things health and wellbeing related.

Users have the opportunity to have an up close and personal talks from some of the world’s leading voices in their respective fields.

The range of topics covered in Infinity House is so broad you’d have a challenge not to find one which suits you.

Membership to Infinity House Retreat is completely free, membership grants users access to the Infinity House Retreat App, their online directory, and community.

To become a member of Infinity House Retreat now visit their website, membership is open for personal and practitioners accounts.

You can find more about Infinity House Retreat by visiting their website:

To find out more about infinite360 and the Virtual work they have been doing, visit their website:


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