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The Digital Line (TDL) introduces Audico – As an approved Alexa Smart Properties Solution Provider, The Digital Line (TDL) introduces Audico, a new hands-free, voice-activated skill designed to keep residents connected. Working in conjunction with Amazon, Audico is transforming the experience of residents in care homes, keeping them informed and entertained whilst improving the productivity of staff through operational efficiency.

Residents can keep in touch with their loved ones, easily access news and information and most importantly make service requests just by using their voice.

Through a series of simple vocal commands to your Alexa, you can ask Audico to order room service, or housekeeping or call for carer assistance without having to move from your room. Using voice-activated assistance, residents can now ask Alexa for information tailored to their specific venue, this ranges from requesting food and drink services, playing music in their room, keeping in touch with their loved ones, and connecting with their community, as well as the option to control smart home devices within their room, saving time as well as streamlining administrative tasks for the carers.

“Voice is intuitive for residents, regardless of age or technical ability”, comments TDL director Andy Coney. “Residents can use Alexa to connect with friends and family and stay independently entertained, while care providers can streamline tasks to make more time to care for those residents, enhancing the care home experience.”


TDL has been working with several different-sized care homes and is able to deploy multiple Alexa and smart devices in the rooms across their properties. This has been successful in the UK as well as France. They can assign skills to devices in rooms, send announcements via Alexa, and configure settings such as custom wake words. There are many ways to leverage Audico through Alexa to improve how a care home is managed.

Not just available in the care home sector Audico can also be tailored to the hospitality sector, hoteliers, and sporting venues, and with privacy in mind, it is private and secure.

“Alexa Smart Properties provides secure multiple layers of privacy protections for users.” Director Andrew Ramshaw assures us. “The solutions were designed with privacy in mind. No personal information is shared with Alexa to use the device, and voice recordings are not saved. Amazon implements administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for protected health information received as part of HIPAA-eligible skill interactions.”

For hotels, Audico helps deepen guest engagement through seamless voice-first experiences that offer new ways for guests to access services and amenities during their stay. Audico simplifies tasks for guests like playing music, checking the weather, calling the front desk, ordering room service, controlling in-room temperature or lighting, and even checking out.

In the sporting sector, Audico has proved invaluable for ordering food, calling for assistance as well as placing your bets. The use of voice immersive experiences helps to increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve guest satisfaction.

Audico makes it easy and cost-effective for care homes and providers to care for their residents, connecting care providers to residents through voice experiences.

The program gives residents more entertainment options, more control over their environment, and closer communication connectivity with their care team. Audico can help free up the care team by handling administrative tasks, so they can focus on providing the highest level of resident care while lowering costs.

Whatever your sector – health, hospitality, retail, education, or at-home services – Audico has a skill that can deliver a new level of service in a fashion that is both familiar and customisable as a solution.

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