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audico solution  – As an approved Alexa Smart Properties Solution Provider, The Digital Line (TDL) introduces audico, a revolutionary new, voice-activated skill.

audico creates high-value voice experiences with an end-to-end platform for businesses in the hospitality, healthcare, and hotel sectors.

audico solution

With the audico voice platform, customers can easily make hands-free voice requests and seamlessly integrate them into their existing systems, with a minimum of fuss. audico can manage an entire estate using a range of natural vocal instructions, providing businesses with detailed analytics and insights into all operational processes.

Thanks to TDL’s partnership with Elavon, audico now offers a ground-breaking pay-by-voice capability that will boost your business revenue, streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction. This unique feature makes it easier than ever for users to complete payments for their requests, eliminating the need for physical transactions and reducing wait times.

Our innovative, pay-by-voice capability will drive revenue, further increase operational efficiencies and elevate the customer experience in hotels and hospitality venues.

The End-to-end-journey

  • Interacting with the Alexa display, customers can effortlessly browse the menu and make voice requests for anything from food and drink orders to merchandise sales and payments.
  • The customer requests an item through an appropriate voice command, for example, “Alexa, I want a bottle of champagne” or via the touchscreen.
  • audico then processes the request and verifies whether it is eligible for payment. If eligible, audico returns a response to the Alexa device, which displays a QR code for the customer to scan and complete the payment using their smartphone.
  • Upon successful completion of payment, the end user receives an email receipt and the property receives a notification to fulfil the request using appropriate systems like kitchen or restaurant management.
  • A member of staff sees the outstanding request and delivers the bottle of champagne to the location where the request was made.
  • The pay-by-voice feature not only saves time but also eliminates the need for additional payment devices, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring a safer and more efficient process.
  • With audico, you can increase your sales and improve the customer experience, while freeing up your staff to focus on delivering exceptional service.

audico is a game-changer that offers businesses a competitive edge in the market. By providing an effortless and seamless experience, audico can help increase sales, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction, making it the perfect solution for any business looking to stay ahead of the game.

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