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Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living at Morris Care – As an Alexa Smart Properties Solution Provider, The Digital Line (TDL) is excited to announce that we are working with Amazon to integrate Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living, alongside our voice partner, Audico, at the award-winning, innovative nursing home group Morris Care.

We’ve been selected by Amazon for pioneering Alexa product

TDL collaborated with Audico to create an end-to-end voice concierge platform, which works across a multitude of Amazon Alexa devices. The system has been designed to meet the needs of those in senior living, bringing unique benefits to our care home partners as they engage with this pioneering new technology.

George Vaughan, CEO at TDL comments “The Audico platform allows residents to make general requests, call for assistance, refreshments, or access a multitude of more detailed services using just their voices. It really is an intuitive and natural way to interact with technology. What could be easier than talking to something the way you would speak to another person?”

Requests can be something simple like asking about the weather, making a food or drink order, checking on menus for lunch, listening to music, or making video calls to loved ones. Staff also receive a real-time notification, allowing them to respond quickly and efficiently to any call.

This innovation can also support residents to achieve greater independence with Smart Home features, such as lighting, blinds, or thermostats being incorporated into the platform, allowing them to control their in-room environment.

Families outside of the home can also get involved with a growing suite of services that all focus on engagement, communication, and care.

Andrew Ramshaw, TDL Operations Director added, “From a business perspective Audico has the potential to reduce business costs whilst ensuring that the resident experience remains a priority. It also helps to improve the overall service performance because it gives staff a better understanding of the needs of the people they are caring for”.

Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living was designed with privacy in mind. No personal information is shared with Amazon so unlike the consumer device, this version of Alexa doesn’t listen, learn, or record. Every Amazon Echo device offers multiple layers of privacy protection, and residents can disable Alexa’s ability to respond to the wake word at any time by simply pressing the Microphone “off button” on their Echo device.

To learn more, visit The Digital Line here or contact us at

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