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Stimul8 – Keeping Your Mind Active – The Digital Line (TDL) is working on a number of research programs with several of our technology partners, in a number of health, retail and education sectors.

Our Stimul8 project is aimed at the elderly, both in residential and assisted living homes using sound, lighting, video, scent and taste. Regardless of their physical or mental restrictions and including those suffering from dementia.

The objective is to stimulate the minds of the residents by introducing a completely new, digital-driven set of experiences that can be consumed individually or as part of a unique journey.  This is vital for cognitive health – the ability to clearly think, learn, and remember and ultimately, an important component to brain health.

Keeping our brains healthy and stimulated is particularly important as we age. ‘Use it or lose it’ is a popular saying that is based on hard fact, with research showing that older people who exercise their brain cells on a regular basis are less likely to lose cognitive function than those who don’t.

The programme will provide residents with a sensual, digital escape that encourages them to engage with the environment and each other as they are transported to new, exciting destinations together.

As well as, ultimately an enjoyable experience the program will help residents connect with other people through social activities, this helps to reduce isolation and help residents become more engaged with the world around them. Participating in social activities may lower the risk for some health problems as well as improve the participants’ well-being.

Using 45- or 60-minute sessions TDL can offer eight different locations around the world with the option of a specifically themed meal or afternoon tea added for a more interactive experience. This enables the care homes to focus on improving the activities of senior citizens through innovative engagement whilst having the ability to program and monitor the outcomes.

Stimul8 – Keeping Your Mind Active

The locations include:

By the Sea – escape the bustle of city life and experience lunch on the shores of a faraway beach.

Lakeside – enjoy afternoon tea by a lake on the edge of a forest, whilst bird song fills the air.

Walking with Lions – Join your guide as you walk the plains with a couple of inquisitive, full-grown lions.

Mountain View – Relax at the foot of a mighty mountain as the bright sun shines down upon you.

Under the Stars – the full moon dominates the night sky in the company of a chorus of crickets.

CityScape – Be invigorated by the nightlife against the vibrant backdrop of a city that never sleeps.

 On the Rails – Travel by train and watch the world go by from your window as you enjoy afternoon tea.

Meditation – Relax in the tranquil setting of a stimulating brook as you release all your tensions and let the environment consume you.

What is required to set up the complete Stimul8 project:

 A video wall to encapsulate the theme of your chosen experience.

 IoT lighting to change to match the environment.

 The climate is manipulated to compliment the onscreen visuals.

 The air is infused with scents that reflect the image shown on the screen.

 Music and sound impact on the surroundings to enhance the immersive experience.

 Textured items are introduced to encourage physical interaction, complementing the aesthetics.

A unique food menu, created by celebrity chefs, completes the program, ensuring that each sense is stimulated.

Stimul8 – Keeping Your Mind Active

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