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Tech With Purpose – The Digital Line (TDL) CEO George Vaughan, talks to Tech Exec Magazine about the power of cross-functional technology, changing lives through innovation, and transforming venue experiences.

Much of his work has been focused on cross-sector technology – how certain systems work from industry to industry. Vaughan believes that understanding what people use at home or in their everyday lives is key to any successful technology implementations you can make in a business.

The interview also covers Tech for Good: – The Alexa initiative, which uses Alexa Smart Properties, which sees TDL partner with audico, a new hands-free, voice-activated platform that works in conjunction with Alexa to keep residents informed, entertained and connected, through simple voice commands. Those in care can ask for room service, housekeeping or assistance and control other smart devices or stay in touch with loved ones.

Tech Transformation in Sport and Fans Customers & Smart Cities.

To read the complete article and find the secret to Vaughan’s ongoing success visit the Tech Ecec Digital edition  here

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