The Digital Line (TDL) is an online publication, research and technical innovation consultancy founded to bridge the ambiguity between the real world and the virtual one. TDL’s online platform has been designed to communicate the more interesting facets of innovative technology in a language that is easy to understand.


TDL research services, enable collaboration between commercial, academic and public entities to push the boundaries of disruptive digital technologies. Particular importance is placed upon enablement and evaluating next-generation technologies for their effectiveness, impact, innovation and practicality. TDL has developed a number of “Digital Hubs” where disruptive technology can be tested and measured in different environments and use cases.


TDL provides a comprehensive professional consultancy service to help businesses develop technical strategies for future technology initiatives and assist to deploy digital assets in a more cost-effective and innovative way. Working with leading-edge people, technologies and projects, The Digital Line is at the true cutting edge of the new wave of technological changes that will massively impact our daily lives.