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The Digital Line (TDL) are experts in delivering digital services through publishing, networking, consultancy and the newly created eDigital Labs.

We discover, publicise and initiate unique and exciting projects, visualising tomorrow’s world today.

TDL operates across a number of sectors, including health, education, travel and entertainment, leveraging our publishing and networking partnerships to bring innovative thinking to life.

Our main goals are to:

  • Research
  • Observe 
  • Listen 
  • Create
  • Deliver 

We achieve these by:

  • Understanding your business and your needs
  • Matching our range of solutions to your requirements
  • Identifying the right programs to help meet your goals
  • Training you to understand the technology we implement
  • Support you in the delivery of these exciting new experiences
  • Measure the data and provide you with key reports
  • Continue to work with you to develop new future programs