Amesbury School, Hindhead

Amesbury School

Amesbury School is a co-educational independent prep school in the Hindhead/Haslemere area of Surrey, England, educating pupils between the ages of 2 and 13.

It was founded in 1870. The Grade II*-listed main building was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and stands on a 34-acre estate.

Amesbury Digital Strategy – the school successfully completed its initial Digital Vision by the end of the Academic Year 2019-2020 with the systematic embedding of Technology and Digital Tools to improve the quality of lessons.

Their updated Digital Strategy is “To be recognised across the UK as a leader in the use of digital tools to transform teaching and learning.

Alice Monhemius – ‘Zombie Girl’ (Year 8)


I really liked the flip screen, it was hard at first but it was great fun when you got used to it! It was a bit sensitive, but I really liked it!

Jago Moore – ‘Covid Man to the Rescue’ (Year 7)


My piece is about the doctors and nurses in the NHS fighting Covid and how they are the real heroes.

I found that using the Flipscreen was quite difficult but also exciting. The most challenging part was not being able to lean on the screen.

Millie Owles – ‘Angel’ (Year 8)


It is about an angel watching over the earth, and even though the past year or so hasn’t been the best (because of Covid) we still have a protector looking after us. I decided to create it because it gives me a sense of hope and the sense that things will get better.

Using the flip screen was actually quite a lot of fun! I have never used something like the Flipscreen before, so I did find some things challenging while using it, but overall it was a great experience! Thank you for the opportunity!

Henry Green – ‘War is not for the faint of heart’ (Year 7)


When people imagine war they think of a fun shooting game where everybody wins. In reality, you get one life, people die and brave young men and women charge into battle with one thought: seeing their family again. This drawing was made and designed for all the brave men and women who die every day to save us and their country.

I mostly used pen mode in this drawing. For the explosion, I also used highlighter mode. I found the Flip-screen easy to use but a bit fidgety. I found bits of my work were being rubbed out and small icons were being opened. Overall I loved my experience with the Flipscreen and I would use it again. Thank you.

Sophie Shepherd – ‘The Distance Fox’ (Year 7)


My piece features a character of my own creation called Rosita. She is a feather fox who is staring into the distance whilst in a lush field, full of nature.

I found the Flip-screen very good, except for when I wanted to rest my arm on it and random sploshes of colour appeared on my work. Then I had to add more layers to cover them up. I was worried it made my work look a bit messy.

George Buchanan – ‘The Devil Inside You’ (Year 7)


My piece expresses the idea that everyone has feelings and a dark side.

I loved the realistic mixing of the colours and how the texture looked like real paint on paper. The one downside was that it made a mark when I leant on the board.

Lily Baugniet – ‘Lily Study’ (Year 8)


An observational painting of a Lily.

I used the oil painting mode. There was a very good range of colours that you could also make lighter and darker. It was good how you could blend it and dry it. It was versatile with the brushes. I wasn’t used to how sensitive it was and how it picked up really light touches.

Beatrice Creer – ‘Dancing in the Rain’ (Year 8)


I used the watercolour mode. My piece shows a ballerina dancing in multi-coloured rain.

I think the size of the Flip Screen is good. I thought it was a shame that you weren’t able to alternate between the different modes – pen/watercolour/oil.

Congratulations to the three lucky winners

1st The Devil Inside You
2nd War is not for the faint of heart
3rd Angel
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